Facility Benefits:

•  Courses can be accessed at any time or place with an internet connection, allowing the workforce to easily complete orientations and be ready for work when they arrive at a facility.

• Site-specific orientations are developed and kept up-to-date by TAPPISAFE® personnel.  All you have to do is submit the material and we will do the rest.

• TAPPISAFE® Basic Orientation is reviewed every two years for updates by our Curriculum Committee, consisting of Owners, Contractors, Suppliers and Subject Matter Experts from our industry.

• Orientation records are updated in real-time and accessible 24/7 in the TAPPISAFE® database.

• Coordination of safety orientations across multiple facilities within a company is simplified.

• Assurance and verification that all workers entering a facility have completed the required safety orientations.

• The industry absorbs the cost. Orientations are paid for by the contractor/supplier workforce who recognize the benefits of the program as a necessary requirement for facility entry.



TAPPISAFE® Basic Orientation is recognized as an OSHA awareness level safety orientation throughout our industry.

Mill Worker

"By partnering with TAPPISAFE, we have been able to tailor and provide a standardized, cost-effective orientation to the thousands of contractors that work on our sites daily. We believe this orientation is an enabler for us to achieve an injury-free workplace for everyone."

- Kirt Cuevas, VP, Environment, Health & Safety, International Paper