Should I create an account?

By creating an account, you will be:

  • Adding your company to the TAPPISAFE system
  • Creating an administrative username

ADMINISTRATOR USERNAME gives access to the courses and access to the database.

TRAINING USERNAME gives access to the courses only.

The individual students from your company do NOT need to set up their own username. Your company can supply the username to access courses. All students can use the same username.

If you think your company already has an account, please call us at 844-930-4877.

PLEASE NOTE: All usernames and passwords must be attached to a company in order to access any TAPPISAFE courses.

See the below information to determine the best way to set up username(s) for your company:


  • We recommend a training username to be set up for the company
  • All students will log in with the same training username belonging to your company using their own student identifier
  • Administrative username can access database reports


  • All students will log in with the same administrative username and password belonging to your company and their own student identifier


  • Individuals needing to set up their own account (vendors/suppliers or independent contractors) will follow the account creation steps
  • Once your account has been set up, follow the instructions to take the online training

A payment method (credit card or invoice) can be saved on file for your username(s) or individual students can enter their own payment method.

If students will be using their own credit card, it is important to call Customer Service to change the option to "no credit card to be saved."

Please note: Credit card information that has been saved but does not get utilized within 180 days will be removed from the account.

How do I create an account? (back to top)

  1. Go to  

  2. Click on Create an Account 

  3. Select the Create an Account button for your appropriate region  

  4. Enter your email address and Check Availability
    • If your email address is available hit "Next"
    • If your email address is in use, contact Customer Service 844.930.8477
  5. Enter in your company information to create a company profile and hit "Next"
    • If you are a new company, check the box for "I don’t know my company’s account number"
    • If you believe your company has a business account number, call Customer Service 844.930.4877 for the account number  
    • If you are a self-employed or a company representative managing your own account, enter your name and email address in the supervisor fields
  6. Create administrator username and password
    • Enter your name and phone number  
    • For your username - we suggest using your email address as it is easy to remember  
    • Enter your password in both fields to confirm
    • Set up security question and answer – hit "Next"
  7. Select if you would like to set up a training username
    • If you are an individual taking courses, select the first option and hit "Next"
    • If you need a group of people to take courses from the same company, you can select the second option to create a training username and password
    • **Setting up a training account under your email address makes you the training account admin
    • ***If you chose the second option, you will be prompted to create a new username and password – once completed hit "Next"
    • We suggest creating an easy to remember username that is not an email address, such as this example: greentech
  8. Enter in your address and hit "Next"
    • This address is where you will receive your TAPPISAFE badge, so it can be your home or work address
  9. Select if you would like to store a credit card on file and hit "Next"
    • If you chose to create a training account, you can add a company card that will not be visible to anyone
    • You will be prompted to enter in card info then hit "Next"
  10. Acknowledge and Accept terms by selecting Complete

What do I do after I create an account? (back to top)

After submitting your account request, you should receive two emails from our system:

  • The first email will come after you have submitted the request and will advise it can take up to four hours for the request to be completed
  • The second email will notify you once the process has been completed and you are able to login and take courses
  • If you do not receive these emails, please contact [email protected]

What do I do if I do not receive my second email to verify my account setup is complete? (back to top)

If you do not receive a second email informing you that your account setup is complete, you should first check your spam or junk folder. If you do not find it there, call 844.930.4877 or email [email protected].

How do I access courses? (back to top)

To access courses, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to
  • Click Take the Online Training
  • Select North American or International Facilities, based on facility location
  • Enter the username and password
  • If you are a returning student, enter your Student ID number or an unique 9 digit number, such as 9 digits of phone number and click “Search”
  • Verify your record has been found by selecting “This is me, Continue” - if the record is not yours select the  “Back” button and re-enter your ID
  • If you are a new student - verify 9 digit number, enter your first and last name and click “Create Student Record”
  • Select course - only take the courses needed
  • Choose billing method 

We do not charge the credit card until you have completed the course. If you cannot complete the course for any reason, you will need to sign back in from the beginning, but you will be exactly where you left off. We hold bookmarks for up to 2 days.

What is my student ID number? (back to top)

  • Everyone must enter their student ID each time they log in
  • New students will have to create a unique 9-digit number that is easy to remember
    • We suggest your phone number minus a digit
  • Enter your number and hit "Search"
    • If the number is already in use, re-enter a new number.
    • If you entered the number incorrectly, hit the back button to reenter the number.
    • If the number is available, you will be prompted to verify the number you entered and to enter your name – select "Create Student Record" to finalize.

If you need any assistance, please call 844.930.4877

How do I retrieve my username and password? (back to top)

If you do not remember your username and password, you can use this Account Recovery tool to have this information sent to the email address on file. If you do not receive these emails or if the information you entered is not found, please call 844.930.4877 for assistance.

What do I do if my account is locked? (back to top)

This can occur when the user has not used their account for 13 months or longer or if you exceeded the number of tries to log in. Please call us at 844-930-4877 and we will unlock the account.

What courses should I take? (back to top)

TAPPISAFE cannot advise which courses should be taken as this varies per site and per job requirements. Most of our site-specific courses require TAPPISAFE Basic as a prerequisite to their site course. You must contact your supervisor for this information.

How much do courses cost? (back to top)

  • Basic Orientation: $32.00
  • Basic Refresher: $25.00
  • Site-Specific Orientation: $20.00
  • Process Safety Management Orientation: $20.00
  • Truck Driver Orientation: $20.00
  • Escorted Visitor Orientation: $20.00
  • TAPPISAFE Safety Course: $25.00
  • Converting Basic Orientation: $20.00
  • Converting Site-Specific Orientation: $25.00

What do I do if I lose internet connection? (back to top)

If you lose connection while taking a course, log back in and select the course as you did when you first started. The system will take you to the last place you ended before you lost connection.

If, for some reason, this does not occur, call 844.930.4877, and our customer service team can assist you.

What browser and system requirements do I need to take courses? (back to top)

Our system is most compatible with Google Chrome and can be taken on any device with internet connection.

When will my courses expire? (back to top)

  • All TAPPISAFE courses have a 1-year expiration date.
  • There is a grace period of 60 days to take the TAPPISAFE Refresher, to avoid having to take the full TAPPISAFE Basic Orientation.
  • There is a 30-day grace period to retake the TAPPISAFE Basic Refresher.

Will I be charged if I retake a course? (back to top)

TAPPISAFE charges for each completed attempt of a course. If you do not make a passing grade and must retake the course, you will be charged.

What are TAPPISAFE's customer service hours? (back to top)

Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM ET and Saturday 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM ET.