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TAPPISAFE - How it began - Larry Montague

Larry Montague
President & CEO

Launched in 2012, TAPPISAFE shares your mission to bring every team member, contractor and partner home safe each day. We are committed to helping you maintain a culture of “safety first” through standardized safety awareness orientations and courses tailored specifically to our industry. More than 10 years ago, a consortium of paper-related businesses, including mills, plants, suppliers, and contractor companies, asked TAPPI to help create a uniform safety orientation. Working with them, and alongside numerous safety experts, we delivered a program that was developed to address our industry’s unique safety needs. Based on those founding principles, TAPPISAFE looks forward to supporting our clients, and this amazing industry, into the next ten years and beyond.

TAPPISAFE is the first industry-recognized safety orientation and verification program for the pulp, paper, tissue, packaging and converting industries.

More than 100 facilities and 10,000 contractors and suppliers are currently enrolled and taking advantage of the cost savings, time efficiencies and reduced regulatory scrutiny that TAPPISAFE effortlessly provides.


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