FREE COVID-19 Course

Stay Safe.  Stay Healthy.

As part of TAPPISAFE’s mission to help make sure your workers go home safe at the end of each day, we are offering a complimentary, 15-minute course on COVID-19 prevention for all individuals entering your facility.


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What does this online course cover?

This complimentary short course covers best practices in the prevention of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Individuals working or visiting any facility will learn key information about COVID-19 and how to stay healthy including:

•    Signs and Symptoms
•    Arriving at the Facility
•    Notifying Your Supervisor
•    Donning and Removing Masks
•    Good Hygiene
•    Hand Washing
•    Sanitation
•    Social Distancing
•    Meetings
•    Vehicles

ALL students/individuals can access the course and ALL facilities can see if the course has been completed.  



Want to pre-screen individuals before they access your facility? Have them complete a COVID-19 Questionnaire.

The COVID-19 questionnaire is administered through the TAPPISAFE system and can be used to pre-screen entrants to assess if they pose a risk, and can be tracked in the database.

The health and safety of our industry is TAPPISAFE’s main concern, and with that in mind this service will be free of charge for any site utilizing TAPPISAFE and their workers.

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As we continue to work, we must take steps to provide a safe work environment for everyone.